Friday, August 24, 2012

Snippets and Distractions


  I can assure you that despite the fact that I haven't posted in a couple of weeks that this blog is very much on my mind.  Having secured a publisher for the book concerning our experience with the loss of Daniel, I think often of the postings here.   The blog has been a wonderful snapshot of our thoughts and our feelings since Daniel's passing, whereas the book is a true linear trip from Daniel's birth, his life, his passing and our life afterward.  Since it is a parallel endeavor to the book, it will continue.
   This week has been challenging.  The publisher tends to call just when I am in the throes of writing an important passage, and just like songwriting, interruptions tend to throw us onto the train tracks below the intended path to our destination.  They mean well, but may not understand my schedule, and that I must fit writing into a life with other people, and with a farm also.
    It also seems that time has a way of moving on.  I learned this week that a friend of mine from my youth died recently of cancer, and that before he did, his mental state deteriorated enough to alienate all the people he loved.  There never seems to be a shortage of things for which to have sorrow, here on Earth.    I also have had dreams this week of Daniel.  In one dream, Daniel was about five and asking me for two chewable tylenol.  "I thought you were dead", I asked.   "No, I'm fine" he said. "I don't really need these" he said, as he chewed two purple tablets. In life, there are still lots of mysteries.

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