Sunday, August 26, 2012

Memories of Cooking with Daniel

Plain apples with caramel sheet over them, with sticks placed, before entering a 200 degree F. oven.

Daniel,            As you probably know, this week the weather turned colder, and in late August we are thinking about Autumn.  Almost instinctively my thoughts turned to orange mums and setting up a bail of straw at the gate with some gourds and a pumpkin. It's August !    Do you remember that you and I once made those candy apples ?  You know, the red ones which are so dangerous to make with a young child because the candy gets so hot before the apples are dipped. I am afraid it probably wasn't much fun for you because I was afraid you'd get second degree burns from the whole process, and didn't let you do the dangerous parts !    I wanted to show you a different way we made apples this week, in practice for Autumn.  Stephanie and I made caramel apples.   This is much safer and if this quick way had existed, I think you could have done this all by yourself !     I still love you so, and think about things you said and did often. For someone who hasn't been here in a flesh suit in almost four years, sometimes you dominate the conversation !  Feel free to spend time here, anytime.  I love you so.

Their caramel suits look just a little big at the beginning.

After five minutes in the oven the caramel does distribute a bit better over the apple.

These were delicious.

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