Thursday, June 18, 2009

There are Days

There are days when I am glad he is spared things like a "first break up",
or losing a job, or not getting into a college he wanted to. I am relieved on
his behalf that he will never pay exorbitant car insurance,have a serious car
accident, know the pain of a divorce, lose a child to stillbirth, miscarriage,
lose his faith for a time, or the loss of a child afterward. He will never race
a child to a hospital emergency room, just praying that child will survive in
true desperation. Most days though, I am so sorry that he won't eat those
wonderful birthday cakes that were to come, get a college scholarship, marry a
sweet Japanese girl who follows him and thinks he's the brightest man on Earth,and
have her gently feed him wedding cake at their wedding, or buy his first home.
But what do I know ? In terms of the entire world, there are many people Daniel's age who pass to Heaven. Maybe eventually, he will find a love more heavenly than ever could have been possible on Earth. Who knows what joys our Heavenly Father has reserved for him, and for all of our sons,daughters, or any other beloved ones who departed from us early?
Maybe some of those babies who die from abuse here on Earth, are raised by
someone like Daniel, whose love and compassion were even unlimited when he was
here. In the grand scheme of things, I am just a toddler in God's world. I am
learning and walking, and crying with a limited understanding of the world
around me, but most especially of the the world to come.


  1. ugh. that made me tear up. i often wonder what happens to the babies...i sure hope that God selects certain individuals, as special as Daniel, to care for those babies, teach them and play with them and help them to grow up. in Heaven.

    your friend,

  2. I'll bet the babies are loved and held until loving people can walk them to the warm ocean each day where they play with dogs, horses, and the occasional dolphin. I think God has it all in hand.

  3. i think that you are right, my dear friend!


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