Thursday, June 4, 2009

And Then There are Dreams

I don't know whether I had this dream because I had recently posted a picture of Daniel as a younger child here, or not, but last night at around 4 am, I dreamt that Daniel came to me looking about six years old. He asked me if I wanted to play a game with him. We both knew as we looked at each other than he was not this age, but we continued anyway. I told him I would love to. He took out a Game boy unit, the kind that was around when he was about 6 or 7, and he sat on my lap and played. I did not know how to play and he tried to teach me. I was grateful for the time spent with me, but this play ended quickly. I don't know yet whether this is a message of some type or simply a way of giving me some extra time doing some things we did not get a chance to do. There will always be things we did not get a chance to do, or things of which we did not do enough.


  1. i am so glad that he comes to you in dreams. i think that if we look hard enough, we can find messages and meanings to almost everything in life. sometimes we just don't know the meaning at that exact time.

    your friend,

  2. Yes, sometimes we realize things that happened to us, or even a bird flying close to our faces, may actually be an encouragement !

  3. or sometimes the sky produces a particular cloud and it is just for you and then you wonder - was that just for me? and the answer is usually yes! God, seeing God, being near God, knowing God...and knowing that He will always be there for us.....ugh. it's hard to comprehend eh?



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