Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dinosaurs Found in Australia

Dearest Daniel,
The way I see it, one of my jobs as a remaining representative of yours on Earth is to keep up and inform you of new developments. I know that in Heaven, you CAN know what is going on, on the Earth, but I'm betting that you direct your attention to the more important ones, that I likely know little about. Here is one you might have missed. It seems as if Australian paleontologists have unearthed three new dinosaur species. As you know, being an officionado of things dinosaur, this is quite spectacular, as Australia had not been known as a "holy grail" site for these creatures. The fossilized remains of these features were located in a billabong, or small lake in Queensland. The first is something called a therapod, the Australian answer to a velociraptor, which you know is a meat eating predator. The other two are classed as sauropods. All were located in a 98 million year old site near the outback town of Winton. Interestingly, this is the town in which Banjo Patterson wrote the song "Waltzing Matilda" in 1885.
These findings have sparked major paleontological interest in the Australian outback which is felt now to have untold treasures for those interested in dinosaurs.
Perhaps you and Papa L can take a look.
We are doing our best without you both. We miss your physical presences immensely. I do know that both of you visit at times, and I am most appreciative of this.
I send love wider than the oceans and deeper than the seas to you both. Of course, Dad, Stephanie, Adam and Matthew and all of the animals send their love too.

PS/ Are one or both of you the reasons for the strange happenings with the phones lately ?

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