Monday, July 6, 2009

Greetings from Dairy Queen

Dear Daniel,
I headed to Richmond to do some banking today, and although I have been dieting, I decided to stop in at the Dairy Queen on the way back for a small chocolate cone. As you might know, none of us have been there since you passed.
As I went up to the counter, I could not help remember going there when you were four or five and your asking for "a vanilla cone with a chocolate forcefield". When the young woman took my order she said, "Hey, I haven't seen you in here in months !" I told her of your passing. She sent her condolences to me and to the rest of the family, and was really surprized that you were only 12 1/2. She said you were so tall, well behaved and much more mature than 12 1/2. She is the young woman with the chocolate skin and very straight teeth. She is very clear on Heaven being the real world and the world we are in just being a schoolyard. She said that God must have thought you didn't need anymore lessons here. You were just a Honor student !
I ate my chocolate cone on the way out and thought of how much I love you and Papa L.
Much love, Mom

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