Sunday, October 3, 2010


These are difficult days. Today the weather on the farm was exactly as it was the day that Daniel left Earth. It was still green but with yellowing and changing trees, with a cool temperature, fluffy clouds, slightly overcast and with a sun which appears to backlight the world. It is also the month that my father passed almost two years ago.
We are preparing for our oldest son Adam's cardiac mapping and ablation. There will be tests and studies prior to the procedure and although the procedure itself entails risk, the hope is that he will not episodically continue to revert to atrial fibrillation. It's also a hard time to prepare for this procedure. Several days ago, Adam and his fiancee of a bit more than two years decided not to continue, and not to marry. It is a mutual decision, yet any significant change in habits is always difficult. We will miss his fiancee and her family, and their animals, as they are moving as well. Daniel was particularly attached to their cat MacIntosh, for whom our cat Tosh is named. They were also very much present and active at the time of Daniel's passing and the time afterwards,in fact, we had Thanksgiving dinner with them the day before the morning Daniel passed so suddenly.
Their leaving is a furthur reminder that nothing ever stands still,and that sometimes things we thought would work out, do not.

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