Sunday, October 10, 2010

Our Own Legends of the Fall

Fall is a magical time here, yet confusing also since Daniel's passing. It is the time of year when so many of our relatives have passed, most expectedly. It is also the time when just two short years ago, Daniel was called from us without warning or explanation. All we have is suppositions of pathologists, educated guesses, thoughts, theories and questions. Perhaps if the entire obvious world dies away when Daniel departed, he can return somewhere to Earth when God magically activates the buds and flowers in Spring. It's hard not to think this way sometimes.
In reality, I still believe that Daniel resides with God and my Dad and that it wouldn't be much of a Heaven for him (or for that matter, for Dad) if he were not able to see and get news from home, and so I believe he does.
Some years ago our daughter began a correspondence with Irish musician John McGlynn. I had the pleasure of exchanging some e-mails with him also. He was the original male vocal lead in the Riverdance music. He is also a wonderful songwriter and musician in his own right, despite being a qualified architect. I did try to embed the music from MySpace for today but instead, please take a listen to one of John's songs, "I Know You Hear Me". The link is below. Daniel also enjoyed John's melodic music. He was fond of his solo CD "Songs for a Fallen Angel" and also of the music from Riverdance.

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