Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thanks Dad !

My dear Dad passed two years ago this week. He was scarcely in Heaven before Daniel joined him. Now, two of the most important men in my life are beyond the veil. (The one I have known the longest, and the child I had with me for only 12 1/2 years) They can contact me, but I can't reliably and realistically contact them, and if I can, I can't always get reliable answers.
However, today I think I did. I have tried in the last two years to carry on as my father did. He did many charitable things even prior to retirement, and was involved in many different types of ministries of his own creation, although he did not call them that, or take credit for any of it. Dad had several funerals or gatherings of remembrance by different groups of people he had helped through life. One of these projects was a prison ministry for which Dad received certification as a corrections counsellor. This had not been known to me until his passing when I found some of these certification papers at his home. Dad believed in quietly doing good and not taking credit for it. Dad had a longstanding correspondence with a particular prisoner whom Dad truly believes has been wrongfully imprisoned for many years. For the purpose of this blog, I will call this man Richard. The parole board will not reconsider his release because they would have to admit that many things were quite irregular in the courtcase. Dad is not the only group working for this man's release, but Dad may have been working the longest and been one of the most steadfastly communicative.
I have tried since Dad's passing to keep up with many of his charities on his behalf, but I have fallen short. Between our family, and being who I am, and moving through life with my husband and my children and animals, remembering Daniel, there is not enough time to do everything and some of Dad's tasks have slipped.I stopped writing to Dad's wrongfully convicted prisoner because I misplaced his updated address and prisoner number.
This week I asked Dad if he could find it for me, and I would write the man again. Yesterday, on the second anniversary of Dad's passing, a sealed white envelope was to my right on my desk. I had no idea what it was so despite the clutter there, I opened it. Inside was a copy of the last letter I had written to Richard,the man in prison that Dad had helped, his current address, and prisoner number. I immediately wrote a letter, stamped it and will send it out tomorrow. It's almost as if Dad answered me on the second anniversary of his passing.

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