Friday, April 15, 2011

Strange Dreams

Part of the farm

the cabin in the dream was similar siding and roof but with large front windows

Today was a busy day. Tosh, Daniel's cat needed to go to be neutered today. We put away his food at 10 last night as we were told, and the cat was up from about 3 am on, meowing. My husband and I finally got up at 6 am, and took Tosh to the vet. This morning I ran some errands before coming home in the early afternoon. Since I had been up with the cat since three in the morning, by four in the afternoon, I was really tired. I decided to lie down for just a minute on our bed, and I fell into a really deep sleep. I had a strange but very clear and detailed dream. For some reason, we had built another house on the farm in addition to the one we have. It was deep within the farm and was brown cedar with large front windows and I was inside cleaning. Outside, a lady from the postal service, with white hair, very fit, about 60, was looking in the windows from the front porch. I have never seen her before, and she does not work for our local post office, which incidentally does not deliver mail here anyway. We must go to pick it up. I went outside, and she exclaimed that she could see Daniel inside the house when she was looking for us to deliver our mail. In the dream, I knew Daniel was there, but I could not disclose this to her, and so I told her that she had seen James instead. (Even though they do not look alike) I remember thinking I needed a stronger gate and curtains in the front windows of the cedar house deep on the property. She delivered some certified mail, that hadn't needed to be certified. Then outside became very blustery and we had all the windows open. The high warm swirling winds from outside blew things over and put dust everywhere inside. I was running around to secure lamps and close windows. The winds were so strong that I could not close some of the windows.
At that moment, I awoke to realize I had fallen into a deep sleep, and that it was now nearing dinner time, and I was late in putting it all together. I was still half asleep as I made dinner.
I have no idea what the dream was saying to me, other than my acknowledging that Daniel is with us, just not in an official sense where you could take him as a tax deduction or inform the post office, yet dwelling here at times, at least figuratively, nonetheless.

Nichole grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now a wife and mother of two, she lives in Texas, and her singer songwriting has garnered her multiple Dove Awards.

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