Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Week of Many Trials

Daniel and Dad,

As you know, not all days here on Earth are filled with inspiration and light. Some of them are days not only that are hard, but they remind us that nothing on Earth is pure, easy, or achieved without a lot of work, or strife.
Politically, we are watching fuel costs skyrocket, and many places go out of business. Getting something done, like the glass replaced in the minivan, is now something which takes signficant driving from here, because no one who does that is still in business for many many miles. Our normal inspection station is gone too. We must go to another county. Jobs, especially for the young, are almost impossible to find. The news is filled with wars and natural disasters, and we have an impending federal government shutdown shortly due to lack of agreement with regard to financing it.
The kids here are soldiering on, but this week there have been trials. Daniel, in a dream a while ago, you told me to "Help Matthew", and I have been watching him. It seems that his prior grades in college, from 4.0 are slipping badly. He is no longer cultivating a variety of friends there, and he thinks he might like to quit college, get a job and move in with some friends from college. Of course, if his plan were viable ones, then we would support his maturity and his entry into the world, but his plan cannot work without money saved, a job, a concrete plan, or a way of paying his health insurance and his car insurance. He is also bitter and resentful toward his siblings, his college, and us. He denies that he has reached an impasse in the processing the loss of both of you, but I think we know this is impacting him also, and contributing to what I think may be depression. I have made an appointment for him next week, at the college, with someone who can help. Please pray for Matt in this really difficult time.
This next week we take the cat to be neutered, but this week, a female cat has been coming by the farm, and Tosh is uncharacteristically hostile with us. He put a gash in Stephanie's nose which bought her a mad dash to the emergency room for treatment (as she is diabetic and also needed a tetanus shot) We came a hairsbreadth from their jurisdiction impounding Tosh, because rabies in endemic in Virginia, and a rabies shot alone is no longer assumed to guarantee immunity.
In less than a couple of weeks it will be time to pay our federal and state taxes. This will be difficult since we have already paid property taxes, and personal property taxes on cars etc. Life on Earth and concerns for loved ones while we are here and don't have the big picture is tough stuff, and getting harder. We miss you both more than I can ever say here or in my dreams when we speak.

This is Tennessee based JJ Heller

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