Friday, April 1, 2011

When Focus Changes

While I am on Earth, I will never understand why God saw fit to call Daniel home to him, just 31 days after my beloved Dad was called to him also. Even with my husband, my daughter, two other sons, and then the gracious gift of an adopted son, making the son count on Earth, three, I feel alone, and sometimes abandonned, even though I know I am not.
Since their passings, the world has become busy, frenetic, insensible, and inharmonic. The world that comes after this one, has become clearer, safer more orderly. I suppose in the days after their passings, I was no longer safely anchored to this world. I became focused in part on the next one, and closer to it. Perhaps this is one of the things God intended.

Laura Story is an accomplished singer-songwriter presently from South Carolina.

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