Sunday, April 17, 2011

Strange Dreams Continued

Part of the farm

This is actually a continuation of yesterdays post. It is unusual for me to have bad dreams or truly disturbing ones, but I did overnight in the early morning. In this dream, my husband,one of his his brothers, Daniel and myself took a trip to a town 30 miles from here early one morning. (There is no town just 30 miles from here in reality from that trajectory) I had thought we should stay home that day, but we did not want to disappoint those in our party. I think I might have been a Saturday. We were in the minivan listening to the radio when Rush Limbaugh came on telling us of an attack on America. Not a minute after that, we saw planes and bombs from the sky. There was loud noise and destruction around us. Traffic was quickly obstructing our path in the minivan,the road was damaged, and we were sitting ducks. There was a man who was was killed in the street by flying glass, and a dog who was injured whose owner was calming him. We parked the minivan between some white concrete buildings in a small parking lot, and left a note with our cell phone number, saying we would be back to get it when we could. One of us did that while I took Daniel in one of the buildings to get drinks. (The store which had the small parking lot) We had eaten, but we needed lots of bottled drinks, if we were going to walk. We put the drinks in our pockets, and I had Daniel drink one now. We all rejoined in the store where the woman was strangely still taking money despite the goings on outside. We noted that whomever was bombing the US was doing so in open areas, probably to inflict maximum terror. We had no weapons and at that point,other people as well as bombs could be dangerous to us. Our cell phones still worked but we were not able to reach the other kids who were home on the farm. Our strategy became to walk the remaining thirty miles while in view of the road home, but by doing so from just inside the woods where we would not be seen. Since we are heavily wooded here, this would be possible. One of us was assigned to watching ahead and navigating the woods while using the road as a guide to direction. One of us was assigned to walking while watching the sky, the third adult was assigned to protecting Daniel, and helping him walk and covering his head and getting down should we come under attack. We rotated these jobs periodically as we walked, and were making good time. Strangely, we must have been in shock because there was no time for us to become frightened or irrational, just time to quickly formulate a plan in order to get Daniel out of this hazardous situation, with his seeing a minimum of disturbing injuries to people and animals. The adrenaline was not yet waning, and we were successfully walking these miles to head for home, where we would have supplies and other family members when we arrived, when I woke up. I have no idea what this dream means, other than the obvious which is that Daniel travels with us in a sense, no matter what we endure or when. He was alive in this dream and we worked hard to keep him that way, although there was no mention in those moments of my dad. I woke up with a racing heart and anxious.
In retrospect, our plan was less than perfect, as even walking within view of the road takes us near bridges which would likely be taken out in any rational attack.

This is Leslie Harter, and her brothers Michael and Scott, from Arizona who now work as "The Harters".

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