Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another Black Friday Approaches

Three years ago, it was the day after Thanksgiving that Daniel left Earth. This day is known by most Americans as "Black Friday". Interestingly, many stores operate at a loss, or "in the red" all year, until the day after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas shopping season begins. Traditionally, sales are so brisk between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas, that the books quickly move from red ink, to black ink from an accounting standpoint, hence the "Black Friday". Of course for me, it's Black Friday because it's the day Daniel had to leave us, and the beginning of a darker, sadder and more serious chapter of our lives, until we are reunited after our own passings.
Consequently, I really do dislike "Black Friday". Families rush about spending money, and they don't really understand that no gift, no holiday is anything approaching spending time with and holding your child, no matter what his age. I don't shop on Black Friday. I clean, take care of animals, think of Daniel and my Dad, and try to spend time with my remaining kids who also find it to be a difficult day. God doesn't need you to spend money in worship of the adjusted day of the birth of our Savior. What matters is what you do, and how you treat Him and others during the entire year.

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