Friday, November 25, 2011

Fuzzy Anniversaries

Daniel, today is the day after Thanksgiving, when you passed to Heaven, three years ago. It is not the actual date of your passing because Thanksgiving comes on a different date each year, and so the actual date is next week, but it is an anniversary of sorts anyway. It is about a month after my Dad's passing, and the actual date of my Mother's passing, the year before your own. It's a momentously confusing day no matter how you slice it. This morning when the oral surgeon had a last minute cancellation, I chose to have my oral surgery today, so I am typing now, while as high as a kite, and with about as much clarity and insight as one.I survive by clinging to the promise that I will see you again, and that we can share all the thoughts and feelings we have had while we were apart (those that you don't already know). I am trying to spend these days as well as I can spending the remaining days of my life honoring you, my Dad, my Mom, and all our ancestors, who have been prominent in my thoughts lately. My bug, I hope you hear me when I speak with you, and that I hear you when you direct me. I know you were always closer to hearing God than I ever have been. I remember you clearly, fondly and with a deep love. Please send our love to everyone with you. Love, Mom

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