Monday, November 21, 2011

The Sparkler-Like Meteor

From Not our meteor, but it captures the trajectory, at least.

This is a tough time of year for us. This is the week in which three years ago, Daniel passed. No matter how faithful we are to God, and no matter how philosophical one becomes, we are still preparing for a holiday which he and Dad will miss in the flesh. We are still reliving some of those difficult moments from three years ago. We are still dreaming about some of those sadder moments, and of our sorrow. This weeks sorrow was furthur compounded by two more earthquakes, of 2.3 and 2.4, which continue to be unsettling. In addition, I had a a filling in a tooth replaced a week ago, and now have continued pain so severe, I can't think straight ! In all, it's been a crummy week. The best way to weather these weeks we have found is to be busy doing things you enjoy doing. This week, Adam and I were on our way home from an errand visiting a friend in a nursing home. We stopped at another friend's shop afterward and stayed too long. By the time we finally reached the long road which leads home, it was already pretty dark. We try to come home before dark when possible, because the abundant deer will actually jump into cars damaging them, and causing serious accidents at this time of year. And so, we were watching carefully as I drove home. Then, we saw it, a moderately sized sparkler like meteor, traveling over our heads. Thank Heaven for that car's moon roof !   It sparkled over head, seeming to match our trajectory for a moment, passing us, and headed toward its final resting place, which appeared to be in the woods up ahead. It always looks to me as if the sparkler portion will start a fire, but they don't seem to. In reality, one can never really tell where they land from the land below, and certainly not from a moving car. We have seen one or two like this in Novembers past. Daniel and Dad, I hope you see these miracles, and that you know how much we love you both, this time of year, and all year round.

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