Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Perfect Explanation by Jenny Hess

I often hear how "remarkable" I am in terms of enduring the passage of Daniel, and in terms of understanding that our time on Earth is temporary, and that Daniel is standing by, and that we will be reunited when God is ready. In reality, our precious Daniel, and all of our children come from God, and they are therefore God's to call. I wanted to share with you this beautifully put video from Jenny Hess. In it, she explains so many of the things my family and I felt. There were also loving and golden times just before Daniel's passing, and there was God present around us when Daniel had to leave us. God could have restored him to us, but chose a different path for us. God never left us, and never will. No matter what your faith, whether it's a denomination of Christianity, Judaism, or another, Jenny's joy as she talks about Russell, and her knowledge and acceptance of the world which awaits us, is inspiring.

May Daniel and Russell explore the woods, the grasses and ponds of Heaven as we remember them both today.

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