Friday, February 3, 2012

Updates on Missing VCU Students

Jonny Dorey in 2010.  This was an apparent photo ID picture and shows good detail of his dentition.

Jonny Dorey in 2010.  This shows good facial detailing when not smiling

Jonny Dorey.  Also taken in 2010.

Jonny Dorey has been missing from Virginia Commonwealth University, where he was an exchange student studying geography, since March 2, 2010. Jonny hails from Guernsey in the Channel Islands in the United Kingdom. His clothing, and an empty bottle of liquor were found at Rockett's Landing by the James River, but his expensive bicycle never has been. One witness believes they saw someone who looked like him swimming in the James in 30 degree weather at about the time of his disappearance. Although it is true that with the potential undertow in the James River, that a drowning victim might not be found close to Rockett's Landing, a body should have appeared downstream, especially during a cold month. The missing persons case on Jonny Dorey has never been closed. There is an active FBI case open also. Additional information is in the VCU newsclip below, released some time ago. Jonny is reputed to be friendly and outgoing. He makes friends easily. He is well traveled and knows many places in the US as well as Nova Scotia, Canada.  Jonny's family believes that he likely committed suicide in the James River that day, but without a body, no one can be sure.

If you have any information whatsoever, please contact:

Family Contact Person:

Contact VCU Police Communications at 804-828-1196.

You may also call any branch of the FBI

Our own complete information on this case is found on our prior post:

and at:

The television program "Missing" will profile the Ian Burnet case on February 20, 2012

Ian Burnet. Taken at Christmas 2011.

Ian Burnet. Reportedly taken in 2011.

There is no additional information available in the search for Ian Burnet, a VCU honors engineering student who disappeared on a trip to New York City, on or about December 30, 2011. Ian also had a good job in Richmond, and plans for continued work after graduation. He had contacted friends and made plans following his return from New York. Ian is on a full merit scholarship to Virginia Commonwealth University and is missing his last semester before being granted his degree. Although there are allegations of at least one prior suicide attempt, this was unknown to his family (parents and his older brother), with whom evidence suggests that he is reportedly close.

To continue to help find Ian Burnet or to provide leads or information:

New Kent County Sheriff's Office with tips at (804) 966-9500

If you have information about Ian Burnet, the contact information for the New York Police Department is either Detective Sanchez or Det. Davis, or Sgt Greene at the 30th Precinct, 451 W 151st St. The phone number is 212-690-8842.

One can also contact the facebook page "Find Ian Burnet" for those who are members.

Our own complete information on this case is found on this blogspot page:



Experts in locating missing adults say that it can be hard to keep information out in media on a continued basis. Posting periodic status reports is our way, at "What I Learned from Daniel" of maintaining awareness not only in the cases of these two young men, but in the plights of many families who have had a child or young adult family member disappear with no word, for an extended period.

This is an additional link with information on the large number of missing adults from the United States.
When adjusting for population disparities, similarly large numbers of young people, are also missing from Canada.             

This is a listing of some of America's missing adults: wstr=Adult&alpha=A


Our son Daniel would very much want his blog pages used, at least periodically,  to help reunite families from their missing family members.

Update:   March 3, 2013

Neither of these cases are resolved.  Both of them remain open.

Update:  November 18, 2014

Neither of these cases have been resolved as of this date.

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