Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Where There is No Entropy or Passage of Time

          They say, that in Heaven, there is no entropy, no wear or breakdown of anything, and there is no actual passage of time.  Because you are there Daniel, and my father is also, I try really hard to imagine that. You might say that my heart is there already.   It seems in the world I am in, entropy is not only alive and quite well, but it appears to be accelerating.    "The Arab Spring" which we were told in this country was a positive thing, by media and the present administration, as it would be a chance for Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt and others to move closer to democracy has not gone that way.   It appears that violence has broken out and that Muslim extremists seem to be taking control in those places, when control actually exists.  Entire families are being killed in Syria.   It seems that in the two thousand years since Jesus Christ visited Earth, that sometimes, very little progress was made since Biblical times.  I heard today that Ahmadinejad, of Iran has launched a Spanish speaking station so that he can mobilize malcontents in South America and Mexico to attack the United States.  As I said, the entropy appears to be accelerating, and the news does not seem good most evenings.
         I cannot really imagine time not passing as it does on Earth.  Everything I have read seems to indicate that time there is spent busily and comfortably. I understand that although more than three Earth years has passed since each of you have, that to you, not much time has passed at all.
Entropy is a funny thing. When we are young and we build something, like a home or a farm, the maintenance projects are completed quickly and with little effort. As we age, and I don't necessarily mean very far, the tasks we have to complete in a maintenance of a farm or a home take more time, more effort and more planning. It's as if we are introduced to entropy in this way. As we move through life, more and more deteriorates and we have more and more trouble keeping up and maintaining what there is to do. Eventually, entropy begins to hit bodies as well, and the body that worked so well and healed so quickly when we were young, starts to need doctor visits and "maintenance" too. It's funny that it's as if all of our time here on Earth prepares us for the day in which we depart for Heaven. I miss you both so much.

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