Wednesday, February 29, 2012

On Using Intuition

This is a painting called "Intuition" by Bente Hansen.      This is a link to the work            The link will permit you to buy cards and print versions of this painting.

When I look back on Daniel's life now, the portion of which ended on Earth now three and a half years ago, I realize something. Daniel was never one of those children who waited for me, or for us to direct his play, book him for something, or to entertain him. He has a very clear idea of what he wanted to do, when he wanted to do it, and how quickly he wished to complete different experiences and different tasks. Daniel had the gift of self occupation from a very early age. I think this is one of the reasons he was so enjoyable with which to interact, and one of the reasons, there was such joy in the experience of doing so.
I have always taught all of my children to trust their intuitive feelings about life and things in it. Don't trust a person your intuition tells you not to. Don't travel when your soul tells you to stay home. Listen, when your intuition tells you to do something, even when it may not initially seem intelligent. Daniel didn't need to be taught this. In large part, he trusted his mind, his intuitions, and enjoyed reading, computers, the farm, people, and experiences with the type of joy and abandon we would wish our children to have. He loved music and language, and the nuances of it. He also enjoyed honesty, and employed it regularly.
Daniel trusted his intuition in living his life. I still struggle with not heeding mine. A month before Daniel's passing, when we were in the hospital in another city with my father who was dying, I felt the impulse to have Daniel evaluated in the ER there. What would I tell them ? My father is dying, this is stressful, particularly for my youngest son......please look at him. I didn't do this. Now, I will never know if something, anything would have been detected that might have altered the course of his passing, just 31 days later. I listen better to my intuitions today.

This is a fitting musical interlude to a boy who was a true expert in computer animation.  Had he survived, he would have brought so much in terms of creative ventures to the world.


  1. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many entertaining stuff in your blog, especially its discussion. INTUITION

    1. Thank you Ben. You look very much like someone Daniel considered a friend.


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