Monday, March 12, 2012

Do Coronal Mass Ejections Enhance Our Psychic Links ?

A solar flare, the early stage of a coronal mass ejection or CME   (Photo: NASA)

     On the surface the question above sounds preposterous. A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a natural and episodic phenomenon caused by solar wind or plasma behaviors which cause a release of electromagnetic energy and matter out to space, and of course, a percentage of this energy travels to Earth.   CMEs can range from one occurring every five days to several in one day.  Of late, we have been experiencing stronger CMEs than we have seen in years.  It is well known that CMEs produce effects on Earth. Of late, places on Earth that rarely see aurora borealis phenomenon are seeing it. CMEs can cause damage to satellites in orbit, electrical grid problems, disruptions in communications and GPS (global positioning systems).  The amount of radiation an astronaut or pilot is exposed to rises following a CME, as it takes time for these effects to reach Earth,  and adjustments for this must be made.
         On the speculative end, this is a phenomenon that is being studied by NASA. Some have wondered if increases in CME intensity and frequency result in higher number of seismic events here on Earth.    We cannot yet hope to predict all of the potential impacts on human beings from this phenomena.  I was only joking recently when I endured three separate long events of new atrial fibrillation and the cardiologists asked me what brought these on, and I said, "I have no idea other than coronal mass ejections !"   We are, after all, electrical creatures. Our brains work electrically as do our cardiac conduction systems.

(Photo: Associated Press)

          This week I have been wondering if our psychic link to one another or even between those of us who are on Earth and those of us who have passed from it, may be enhanced during periods of CMEs. I have had multiple vivid dreams which concern my loved ones who have passed.  Last night for example, one of these dreams was a highly detailed vacation I was taking with Daniel.  We were traveling place to place in an RV, and occasionally staying in a hotel despite this. The detail in the dream was amazing, right down to a bite by bite remembrance of breakfasts and meals we ate during our travels.  It was as if he had sent a gift of a vacation with him, and the peace and feelings of recharge that accompanied it.  I have had similar encouragements from my father,  following  CMEs during the time at which their effects should be felt on Earth.   I did a quick search before posting here, and a few psychics consider the periods of time in which those of us on Earth are receiving bombardments from CMEs to be the worst times to be doing any type of psychic work.  Perhaps they are wrong.  Perhaps, since those who have passed may understand the system far better than we do, it may be an easier time for them to convey messages to us.  Perhaps, we need to simply listen during these times, rather than do "psychic work".
           In any event, I am not a psychic. I am a thinking, feeling, loving human being, a mother, a wife,  a daughter, and a child of God,and I will simply keep the home fires burning and remain here to receive any messages which are sent to me. I will honestly relate them to you, because I have no other axe to grind.


  1. Alexandra - i am so glad that you passed the link to this blog! normally when i find a new and interesting blog, i go right to the first post and read it chronologically. but the title of this post really caught my attention. and i think that you might be on to something!

    what if the CME's really do represent a time that those who have passed have an easier time passing messages to us? it certainly seems that your dream of Daniel was very soothing and a vacation and very vivid!

    this is something that i will start to pay close attention to! you are really something, you know? i am so glad to be your friend!

    now i will go back to the beginning of the blog. give me a few days to catch up with it all.

    your friend,

  2. Thanks Kymber, Your posts are always gentle and always appreciated.


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