Monday, March 19, 2012

Brief Meetings in Dreams

Just above Daniel's farm

      In the early hours of this morning, as I slept, I saw Daniel.   I was walking toward a building with a glass entryway, that looked something like a modern brick school with a glass entry alcove.   I could see Daniel standing just to the left of the entry positioned facing the door as I approached, so I could see a side view of his hair, but not his face.  I still knew it was Daniel.   In the fractions of seconds it took to enter the building, I could not wait to see his face.  As I entered the glass alcove to the building, there he was. I looked at his face.  His face was very similar to how I remember it, as was the rest of him. There were tears in his eyes. There was both joy that we had this small time together, and I was not sure whether there was sorrow or simple compassion in his face. I just know I was thrilled to see him.   I was not sure what had happened or if he were simply there to encourage me or simply to let me know that he is always still with me.  Then the dream was over.
         I suppose I will have to get context from future dreams or perhaps I will recollect another portion another time.  In any event, I feel encouraged overall when I see Dad or Daniel in my dreams.

Although many of us think of the performance of Josh Groban when we think of this song, the songwriters of "To Where You Are" are actually Richard Marx and Linda Thompson. This is the Richard Marx version.



  1. hey sweetie - i haven't been by in a while and just wanted you to know that i am still reading! i am so glad that you got a chance to see Daniel a few nights ago - i can only imagine how much peace that brings you!

    i am off to catch up where i left off. i just wanted you to know that i am still here reading and learning from everything that Daniel taught you, and is now teaching me, too.

    all my love always to you! your friend,

    (Hi Daniel!)

  2. Thanks so much for your commentary and for your support. Love to you and Jam !

  3. thanks honey. we sooo appreciate your taking the time to stop in and visit us. i have been reading these posts to Jam - don't know if i told you that or not. he has a much harder time dealing with this kind of stuff than i do - he is very tender-hearted - but i read your posts to him so that in the event that we have a baby, or foster or adopt ---- what if something happens to me --- and he is left alone --- he has to hear what you have to share so that he, and any of our children, can make it to the other side you know what i mean?

    Jane Alexandra, Daniel - you are teaching us sooo much. oh and dear sweet one - you don't have to reply to all of my comments. my comments are to tell you what i am feeling as i read each post. i don't want to burden you with having to go back in time and probably re-read the post and then comment to my comment. my comments are to share with you what i have read and learned from your post. please don't feel obligated to comment back. i know nothing about how to keep your composure, grace and faith after losing a child - i am learning so much now from you. and that is a Godsend.

    i thank you for being so willing to share. and thank you for trying to extend that grace to me through these posts. even though when it was happening - we were thousands of miles away from each other. not anymore tho. because of the grace of Our Father.

    thank you Jane. thank you Daniel. from the bottom of my heart. thanks to both of you for making me a better, more compassionate and more graceful person.

    my love to you always Jane Alexandra. i sense that we will meet soon. because i must hold you in my arms and thank you properly.


    1. Something tells me Kymber, that you and Jam have always been loving, wise and compassionate people during all of your journeys and time on Earth. I don't for a moment think I have a part in that, although I aspire to be of like minds as you both. I don't mind that you read this to Jam. If you are reading it because it inspires you both, and because it helps to know that families can be happy, and when you read the posts on our later adoption, if that inspires you too, then that is beautiful. Do not read it though, to understand what it is like to lose a child, because there is simply no preparation for that, and it is my hope that this is something you both never know. I hate to think of you placing yourself in that void, even for a moment.

  4. I've had these dream meetings with Alex as well... I cherish them and hope that they continue to bless my nights from time to time.

  5. I think they will. When they first began, I believed that they were a desperate part of my own psyche trying to give me a tiny glimpse of him, for just a few more times. Now that some of the things Daniel told me in dreams were borne out by different teams we hired to complete different aspects of the autopsy at UVA, I actually believe that God has allowed him to send brief messages in dreams. It's nothing beyond, "I am terrific ! God has a plan. Don't be sad. I will meet you up here at Home later. I LOVE you all". Of course, we want more, but this will have to be enough. I will take anything I can get from Daniel and from my Dad.


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