Monday, December 31, 2012

Ian Burnet Has Been Missing for a Year

Ian, a year ago at Christmas.

How does a bright young man disappear without anyone seeing ?

A year ago, the imaginations and concerns of everyone from parents to college students themselves were taken up by the mysterious sudden disappearance of Ian Burnet.     Ian Burnet had absolutely everything going for him. He has a devoted mother and father, a loving older brother, and friends who love him.  He has extended family and a church group who would move Heaven and Earth for him.
He was academically successful in high school and was one semester shy of completing a degree in a computer related major, on full scholarship at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Ian also had the distinction of being one of the students who had a job lined up, that he had already reported to, before he received his degree.
              He took a brief trip with friends to New York City for the post Christmas New Year's Eve holiday, and has disappeared without a trace.  To most of us with children this age, this is a horror beyond our imagining.  Yes, although I have personally lost a child, I was there. I know what happened to my son, and I was there for him and with him.   Not to know where a son is or if he needs help must be beyond imagining.
              It has been one year since the disappearance of Ian Burnet.   Someone must know something or may have seen him since.  Once again, please revisit these pictures and think as to whether you may have seen him.  There is police and FBI contact information in my original posts below.

My prior posts on this case are:

For additional information:

I dedicate this song to those who love and miss Ian Burnet

 and also  to our Daniel,who is also missed.

 "My Love is Here" is performed by Roch Voisine and Jim Brickman

I dedicate this song to those who love and miss Ian Burnet and to our Daniel, also.


          Ian Burnet has been missing without a trace for now three years.   If you have seen him please contact those mentioned in the post above as contact points with the authorities.    Thank you.


  1. A missing child is unimaginable ... I hope that someone sees your post and makes a connection so that Ian is found. I recall a student from my son's university who was missing for almost a year - and later turned up in Berkeley, CA living out of his car. Ian's parents must be insane with fear and worry.

    I wanted to let you know that I recently discovered your blog and have added it to my site
    which I am curating in memory of my 23 year old son who was killed 32 weeks ago.

  2. It would be such a relief to have Ian, and Jonny Dorey, who has been missing from VCU for quite some time, found. Thank you for commenting and coming to our blog. I am so sorry to hear of your loss of Graham from Earth.


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