Saturday, March 23, 2013

Daniel, Did You See the Meteor ?

Daniel, tonight when your Dad made an evening run to the store, he saw a very large meteor ! It went by quickly, but it brought a huge amount of light to the night sky, something like the one which landed in Russia recently, and actually did damage. Dad says that it was brighter than a full moon as it went by, and from here was clear, white, and very large. He would have reported it as a fireball.  Later we learned that as the meteor traveled and changed, it appeared differently to others up and down the East Coast.
    I love seeing this kind of thing, or even hearing of it. There is no much wonder in the universe and things of which we know so little. It leaves room for all the wonderment and the possibilities of where you are, and what you are doing now. Compared to God, the rest of us are very young toddlers !   I know that we see things on Earth from below, and I know that you probably have a way of knowing what goes on, on Earth. This particular meteor that your Dad saw, was seen and reported all over the Eastern Seaboard tonight. I know that you and my Dad would be interested in this. Earth has seen so many meteors and meteorites lately.   Love you both, wider than the oceans, deeper than the seas, and longer than the path of any meteor in space !

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This is an excellent website for information on the latest meteors and meteorites:





  1. How wonderful. As soon as the sun sets, I'm inside in my jammies and always have been. I miss a lot.

  2. Lotta Joy, No matter what we do, we have missed something which is going on in the world. I too missed this. A couple of years ago I was planning to stop by at Monticello, Jefferson's home. The day I decided not to go, Mrs. Obama and her children were on an impromptu visit there, and were not expected. I would love to have been there to tell her that freedom is always preferable to safety. I might like some mayonnaise !


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