Thursday, March 14, 2013

On Significant Injustices

It seems that reading this document to a tax assessor in parts of New Jersey is so offensive, that it buys the mother who read it, an arrest in front of her child, a trip to the police station, being handcuffed to a chair, and the impounding of her legally owned guns.  You won't believe this !

  Daniel did not see a lot of strife in terms of his father and I needed to interact with county officials. We were lucky in that in his lifetime, nothing like this ever happened to us. In fact, our own local officials as a rule, are excellent, and they do see themselves as civil servants.  Apparently, in New Jersey this is not the case.    Daniel didn't like bullies and he didn't like injustice.  He would likely have wanted me to call this to your attention, especially if there was some way this woman and her family could be helped in some way.

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