Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jonny Dorey Has Been Missing for Three Years

                 Johnny Dorey has now been missing for three years.  Please take a look at our prior posts on this subject.   Thank you so much.


March, 2016

My latest update on this matter:


 October, 2014

Jonny remains missing after now four and a half years.    A body has never been found. His bicycle has never been located in all the times that the James River has been explored since.    If  Jonny was traumatized during a robbery that is all too common in the region he was last seen, he might not remember who he is, yet might have the skills of being an excellent outdoorsman and explorer intact.  His British accent might not be discernible under these circumstances.

      If you are a physician, a nurse practitioner, a physicians assistant, a clinic, or a therapist, social worker or therapist who works with people who are presently homeless, please consider all the patients you have seen in the past four years, especially those who have minimal or absent documentation.     Jonny has family and friends who love him and he deserves a chance at the opportunity to choose the life he crafts from here on.

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