Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time with Tosh

Tosh is not budging. He will guard those dried pork bones !

   As many of you know, a friend of ours gave us a cat after Daniel's passing.  Daniel had been allergic to them, and had always wanted one.  This cat, who came to be known as Tosh, is being raised and loved by us, and someday when he passes, he will truly become Daniel's cat.  Until then, he is a joy to us.
We are decidedly dog people.  Presently, we own seven dogs most of whom have roles on the farm and help with herding and protection of the alpacas.  We are very fond of our dogs and have had dogs here, sometimes in greater numbers than this, for many years.  Once in awhile, we will bring home a particular treat for the dogs. This week, on a trip to Tractor Supply for something for one of the dogs, we noted a sale on really large dried bones, which are intended for dogs. These are tightly plastic wrapped.  We don't give this type of treat very often, and so I bought some. When I got home, it was raining, so rather than taking them out to the kennels or one of the dogs on duty, I left the wrapped dog bones in a Tractor Supply bag just inside the house on the oak floors. Later that day I heard the sound of something being dragged across the floor. It seems that Tosh the cat is rather protective of this set particular set of bones. Later that day I decided to take a better look. It turns out that these are dried pork femurs. Tosh has relocated these, and stands on patrol nearby. Our eldest son tried to take them to give them to the dogs this morning, and Tosh rather voraciously defended his right to guard them. Where did I go wrong ?  Have I socialized our cat as a dog ?  Well, he does growl on the rare occasion that someone comes to the door here. He will walk on a leash for us.  As I write, Tosh, the cat, is in the process of hiding the dried pork bones from us.  I hope they are still on sale.  I think I am going to have to leave these bones for the cat, and get new ones for the dogs.



  1. Seems your cat will be much happier if left to keep the bones. I am intreged you have alpacas. I have read about them after sending off fora packet filled with information on starting a herd & raising them for profit when my children were much younger. They are beautiful creatures. Blessings! Lara

  2. Tosh the cat will be allowed to keep and continue to guard the bones. I went back to Tractor Supply while on another errand and the sale was over, and the bones sold out ! I had to get something else for the dogs.
    We have raised alpacas here since 1999. We have a lifetime commitment to these individuals, however I do not believe that in many climates, particularly the American South, that it is possible to care for the animals properly and still make a profit. Alpaca herds are families and they grieve when one or more are sold, or when an individual dies. In addition, meningeal worm is a potential fatal hazard and results in these animals needing injections monthly to every six weeks for prevention. In much of the South, it is too warm for alpacas, and they need either air conditioning, or an opportunity to swim. Swimming damages fiber.(We let ours swim) They are indeed lovely animals, and I am very glad that Daniel had an opportunity to have them in his life.


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