Saturday, February 9, 2013

Worries for Nova Scotia

Part of the shopping area in Nova Scotia, as it normally appears.

  As most of you know, we have a second home which overlooks the ocean in Nova Scotia.  We have owned it for many years, which is long enough to know that hurricanes are not the problem there.  However, Winter storms can be.   We have been nervous all week when we received e-mail weather alerts from the region telling us that as this Noreaster blows through the Northeast US, that it would also be afflicting the area in which our Nova Scotia home is located.  Never in the years we have owned the home has the area been under this many alerts.  There is a High Wind Alert,  a Blizzard Alert, but also the one which worries me the most which is Storm Surge Warning. 
      I prayed last evening that the people who live on our road overlooking the ocean, the people who care for our house, and the house itself survive this storm intact which was expected to be quite bad.   This afternoon, I received a call from our power company there telling me when they believed the power would be restored again.   I also spoke to the family who watches and lovingly cares for our house.  They are alright.  Apparently, the road between the ocean and our home has washed away, thanks to the storm surge.  There is significant snow. The wind was even worse than usual, and a number of buildings and barns collapsed under the wind and the weight of the snow load.   Our house is presently intact and is unflooded, and our barns are intact.  I am told that a couple of the neighbors a distance away on the street were not so lucky.  I also saw news that one of the large grocery stores we use while staying In Nova Scotia had all of its front glass blown out by severe winds last evening.   I looked at some pictures on the Canadian Broadcasting site and could not imagine such damage. It seems that I knew about Winter Storm Nemo, but I did not know that Maritime Canada was also hit by a storm which came across Canada named Juan. Our home is being hit by two storms simaltaneously !

Nova Scotia today at Yarmouth Harbour

       We were at the house there during Hurricane Irene, which was simply interesting.   I did wonder if the siding or roofing shingles would come off, and closing the door when coming inside was difficult.  We always felt safe there, and we didn't take any chances. I think the greatest risk that visit was all of the salt spray all over our dark colored rental car.

        Rural Nova Scotia has been hit especially hard in the past few years.  First, the US recession had a very negative effect on everything from general commerce there, to tourism and even real estate prices.  Secondly, the Canadian government chose to stop subsidizing the ferry which travelled from Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.   This furthur devastated real estate prices in  Nova Scotia, and closed a multitude of businesses.  In addition, many young people have chosen to leave Nova Scotia in search of jobs.  Storm damage to homes there comes in a time in which it is particularly difficult for people to find the money to make repairs, and people often fear claims on homeowner's insurance for other than a total loss as their fear cancellation or a sharp rise in their rates.  It seems tonight that 40 cm. of snow are the least of our worries.

Where the signs are is normally a street.  (Photo:

      Here is the current warning for this evening:

This is a warning that an extended period of blowing snow with poor visibilities is occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..listen for updated statements.

An intense low pressure system south of Nova Scotia will continue moving east tonight.

Snow and blowing snow will persist over much of Nova Scotia tonight although the precipitation has diminished in intensity over southernmost regions. By the time the snow tapers off on Sunday much of Nova Scotia will have received total snowfalls of 30 to 40 centimetres from this storm.

Strong northeasterlies over the Gulf of St Lawrence will give higher than normal water levels along Northumberland Strait later tonight. Northumberland Strait is mainly ice covered and these strong winds will push pack ice into north to northeast facing shorelines giving some ice pile up. There is a risk of some coastal flooding due to the elevated water levels especially around high tide this evening.

This is a fishing shack which was knocked off its foundation near the sea. This is in the area of our home.(

      I love our home there and although because we are Americans and will likely never live there beyond a few weeks at a time. Despite the fact that Daniel never lived there, it is a very spiritual place, and a place in which I feel him, there with us.  I am worried tonight for our friends and also for our home there. Prayers are appreciated.

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  1. Jane - i hope that your neighbours and friends have made it through the storm alright! we had 2 days of winds (80-90kms/hr) and a total of about a 1ft of snow. the good news is that tomorrow is supposed to be incredibly sunny and about 29F - which means the majority of the snow will melt.

    your friend,

    1. We have not yet heard again from our friends and caretakers. We think that their power may still be out, and that they may be keeping the phone free. I am delighted that you both made it through and that some substantial melting is slated to take place tomorrow. Love to you both !

  2. How lucky you are to be able to experience Nova Scotia. And all I can see right now, is that sweet, SWEET face of Daniel on the sidebar. How precious. How short a time you had with him. Which makes me sadly wonder, "why, why, why." My heart is forever going out to you, sweet friend.

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