Monday, February 18, 2013

Richard Briers will be Missed

Richard Briers

      As those of you who are devoted to Daniel's blog know, one of Daniel's favorite television series was BBC's Monarch of the Glen.    Richard Briers had played the very funny patriarch in the program, Hector MacDonald.  

 Richard Briers passed away yesterday.

       Richard Briers performed on BBC's Monarch of the Glen in 27 episodes from 2000-2005.
He was also known for his Shakespearean roles and for his acting in a number of British series television programs, such as The Good Life, with Felicity Kendall, and Watership Down.

       Stephen Fry has also called Richard Briers "the funniest and most adorable man imaginable".

Richard Briers was awarded the OBE in 1989 for his achievements in the arts. Richard Briers was married    and has two adult daughters.  He died in his home in London,  peacefully of complications of emphysema which he had battled for years.  He was 79.

        He leaves a huge body of excellent work, and is remembered by everyone from actors to those who simply have watched British television in the past few years. His acting career spanned fifty years.

These are some scenes with Richard Briers as Hector MacDonald

Today, we send condolences to his wife Ann, the daughters, Lucy and Kate and  the family and friends of Richard Briers.


The original music which was written for Monarch of the Glen is the work of Simon Brint.
Simon passed in 2011.
Our post on Simon Brint can be found:


In the later portion of the film clip above, you may also recognize actor Julian Fellowes.    
Fellowes is not only recognized as a fine actor in many roles, but he is known to many Americans now as the creator and prominent writer of screenplays of BBC's Downton Abbey.


Lastly,  Monarch of the Glen was filmed in Ardverikie Castle in Scotland.    When the series ended, all the props and articles used in the series needed to be removed from the castle itself.   Ecosse Films, the production company had a wonderful sale in the village where everything from clothing, props, housewares, drawings, plans, letters, mock up newspapers, photographs etc. were sold to those who wanted them.   We were very lucky to have been able to purchase a wide variety of items which were used in Monarch of the Glen episodes.   Daniel was very excited to know that we had many of the scripts, letters, drawings, props, and articles that were used in his favorite program.


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