Friday, February 15, 2013

Concerns for Russia

This is the location of the Chelyabinsk Region,   (Rendering:


 It has been twelve years since I spent a month in Vladivostok, Russia and then almost a week at Christmastime in Moscow. I made many friends in both Asian, and then European Russia.  When I heard this morning that now 750 people were injured as a meteor landed in the Chelyabinsk area of the Ural Mountains there, I was saddened.  The blast area is said to have caused the collapse of the roof of a zinc factory and the breakage of a great many windows for miles.  Please know that the people of the United States, are praying for you and thinking of you in this trying time.  We hope that these are all the meteors you will have, and we pray for those near the blast area.

    Daniel would certainly have been intrigued, once we knew that people were safe afterward.  We really do reside on a planet where anything can happen. Thus far, 1145 people were hurt in the Chelyabinsk Region and one remains hospitalized in a coma.

This is a compilation of many dashcam versions of the meteor taken while many drove to work this morning.

This was shown on Russia Today News.

Update:  My apologies as RT has apparently pulled this dashcam version due to copyright concerns, although I had included it consistent with current fair use laws.

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