Friday, February 1, 2013

I Saw Daniel in a Dream


  Last night I fell asleep early and had a good sleep until about three am when I awoke to find that I had some asthma.  I was annoyed because I had been doing so well.  I used the nebulizer, sucked on a cough drop, drank some water and checked my e-mail.  Eventually the medication kicked in, and an hour and a half later, I went back to bed.
              I had the most wonderful dream.  All of our family was at our house and we were planning to take a short trip. Family was scurrying and packing last minute bags, and we were excited.   Daniel was with us, but not as I most often envision him. I usually envision Daniel as very much the young man he was when he departed Earth at 12 1/2, only taller and even wiser and kinder than he was then.  In my dream, he was still wise, almost magically so, but he was only about one year old. In the dream I was aware that I was behind in packing the things I would need for a young child. I hurried to pack things one might need for a child of that age.  Daniel was smiling at me, with all the love and affection he always had.  He had thick hair, his precious toes, and the same strong hands he always had, even as a tot.    In the dream, he was a small child, but had wisdom in excess of my own.  Then, I held him tight and said to him, "I knew that you couldn't be dead".   With that, he smiled, and I awoke.
           I am not sure what the dream means. Perhaps it is simply an encouragement from God and from Daniel.  Perhaps the message is that anyone who was ever here, still exists, and will be seen by all of us later. Perhaps our journey is our passage through life.  Perhaps I hadn't packed Daniel's supplies yet because he now doesn't need them. Perhaps Daniel is saying that he is with us, and will always be available to us. Perhaps it is easier for him to appear to us in dreams, as a small child.

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