Thursday, February 7, 2013

Well Chosen Words


   I often replay entire conversations I had with you Daniel, before your passing.  It's as if these memories and the words we shared are somehow laminated  and suspended in time. A lot of times I take a breath in sweet relief as I remember the things I said to you.  There were only a few poorly chosen or cross words in all our time together, and they were rare.  Most of the time I was more patient than was my ordinary inclination.  Most of the time I was so in awe of you, your intellect, your humor, and your wonderful use of English, that I think you inspired me to be better than I actually was, or am now.  I am relieved to have been loving, kind, and inspiring, and I hope I helped to make your time on Earth encouraging and as memorable for you, as it certainly was for me.

         Love to you, and to Papa L.

"The Right Words"   by Sarah Slean

Lyrics to:   "The Right Words"   by Sarah Slean

 you will find the right words
just you wait and see
they’ll be falling from the rooftops
on a blossom covered breeze
and the song you need to hear
it will be singing through the trees
are you listening?
don’t you see?

you are on the right path
you will realize
the tears are there to leave you
with a brighter pair of eyes
and the pain that you’ve been fighting
is an angel in disguise
it is love
and love is wise

throw your heart into the ocean
throw your heart into the sea
you will find that all the right words
just come out naturally

there’s still time to notice,
still time to believe
that a door at last will open where doubt and darkness used to be
and that the paradise you long for
it’s underneath your feet
whatcha runnin for?
where’ve you been?

throw your heart into the ocean
throw your heart into the sea
you will find that all the right words
just come out naturally
just come out naturally


  1. Your post goes straight to the heart. MY son and I were so in sink with each other. About a week and so many days before his death we had some cross words one evening. The next day it was if nothing had happened. We were in sink again. After his death I worried about this. While speaking with one of his friends the boy shared how my son told him and how sorry he was for it to the point he cried. My son was not one to show tears. His friend shared the words he really loved you. My son had told him. I think I really new it all along but God made sure I heard it. I have wondered if we were so in sink because God knew we had to fit a life time in such a short time. Blessings! Lara

  2. Lara, Somehow your message wound up in the blog's spam folder, which I check next to never. Sorry it didn't get posted before. I understand. Here on Earth we have cross words sometimes, but they always know how much we really love them. I think they also know this now.


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