Monday, April 1, 2013

A Hug from Daniel

I had a dream just before awakening this morning at almost six am. I was shopping at one of my very favorite consignment shops with Daniel. In the dream, Daniel was about four but he was sitting in a large umbrella stroller, which we never owned in real life. By four, Daniel walked everywhere with us. The consignment shop had moved to a large storefront with a large parking lot, which also is not true to real life. In the dream, I had just picked up some lovely large new Christmas carrier bags I would use next Christmas. My eye had been caught by a lovely set of new twin sheets with sailing ships on them. I was looking at these when the woman working in the shop said, "Your son is outside". I wanted to argue because I had seen him in the stroller just seconds before, but I looked outside anyway. I saw Daniel riding someone's bike at top speed all the way out to the farthest reaches of the near empty parking lot. I opened the door and called to him to come back. Instantly, he rode the bike back. First, I thanked him for returning immediately, and I asked him to put the bike back in the rack. I told him that he could be hit by a car riding out there. He complied and came in. When he did, I gave him the biggest hug. Then the dream ended. I know I am lucky in order to have dreams of him, even though they exist in a place where he is not the age he was at his departure, and neither am I. I have learned to appreciate these blessings.

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