Friday, April 5, 2013

Changes Are Coming to Our First Farm


  When Daniel was about one, we bought a large tract of land, and built a farm there.  Daniel was just over two when we moved in. We spent about six years on our first farm, and had many happy memories there.  We moved and built another farm elsewhere for several reasons.   One, we had a neighbor who was behaving in a bizarre and erratic fashion, and when you have four children, you can't simply arm everyone, including children, and hope for the best !  Secondly, our property taxes there shot through the roof. We were left with the idea that we could sell, and rebuild a similar farm, put more money down, and owe less of a mortgage upon its completion.  And so, we did what we always do, which was the thing that was best for our family.  We sold the original farm we had built.
             This was very difficult for us, although Daniel seemed to do fine. He liked adventure, and this brought many adventures, and much learning.
             I learned this week that the new owners of our original farm have decided to sell and move away.  I can't tell you how sad I am.  Leaving the original farm was difficult, but it was made better in the knowledge that the purchaser of the house and half the acreage there, truly loved the home and would care for it.  Now, we don't know who will have it, and whether they will care for it properly.
           Still,  nothing in this life stays the same, nor should it.  It's a journey with change often as the only consistency.  I would like to think that Daniel keeps an eye on the original farm also.

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