Sunday, April 7, 2013

Travels and Treasures



  Four and a half years after Daniel's sudden passing, things about it still surprise me.  Sometimes, I can't believe it happened, and I expect to enter his room and find everything as it was, as if the entire thing was a bad dream.  Other times, I am surprised at how we continue to live our lives, almost as if he still travels with us, and is still a part of everything we do.  Sometimes, it feels as if he and my father still are a part of everything we do here.


            Yesterday was one of those days.   Our daughter has wanted an oriental rug or two, in good condition, for her new home.  Of course, as a new homeowner she can't afford, even with the great prices on oriental rugs in this economy, to go out and buy them new.  She and I have, therefore, been watching Craigslist for them. It has been an exercise in patience as many of them are quite large, and still quite expensive.  The day before yesterday, I found an ad on Craigslist about fifty miles from here from a family with seven reasonably priced small oriental rugs.   I forwarded the link to my daughter who was excited, but who also had to work her second job yesterday.  One of the things we have learned about Craigslist, is that if you want the item, you need to be available to proceed almost immediately.
           With my daughter working, my eldest son and I called the seller, and arranged to travel there and arrive at about lunchtime.  The traffic was far worse than we thought, but we still arrived just five minutes past when we had indicated.  In short order, we bought all seven small rugs for a very good price, rolled them up and my son placed them in the backseat of my car.
            The trip was sunlit and beautiful with all the Spring flowers in bloom.  This is a trip Daniel would have enjoyed. My Dad would have appreciated oriental rugs so reasonably as a casualty of someone's simply redecorating !  Why, my father even had bookmarks like oriental rugs !

           When we finally got home, I vacuumed the front and back, and aired them on the back deck railing, and readied them to give to my daughter today.  She was very excited when we told her we went and got them, as she could not yesterday.  She can use the ones she wants and then I will likely sell the remainder of them here. If she uses them all, that will be just fine.  Once again, many of the things families need are possible without spending a fortune, especially for those who are willing to be patient, and are willing to do a little bit of work, in terms of travel. I am sure both Dad and Daniel would approve !



  1. I am sure you daughter was excited and felt blessed that you and eldest son made the trip and she can have wonderful rugs in her home. My Lucas was my side kick when it came to getting my treasures. Your words describe the loss and grief from the
    heart. It will be 10 months since my sons death tomorrow. I can't really believe or accept we've lived with out him. I feel so much guilt at times. Questioning how could we still live with out him. Yet it seems like just yesterday I was talking to him and we were laughing together. Life is not the same. I have discovered that most people just don't understand the depth of loosing a child. They expect you to just accept it and move on..Only those who have traveled the unreal journey of grieving a child understand the emptiness and longing of their child. My prayers are with you. Blessings! Lara

  2. Lara, Thank you so much for your kind words. No one can understand the loss of a child unless they have experienced it, and of course, this is something we would not wish on anyone. Ten months past Lucases departure is still not much time at all. He would be very proud of how you proceed, and how you move forward, and how you show the other kids that you love them too. I don't think the loss of a child ever becomes easy, but I do think it becomes, perhaps a shade more manageable for most after the first year. I know that Daniel, and Lucas are safe. I know that they know things about our continued journey on Earth, and they know that in the end, we are returned to Jesus, and have a wonderful reunion. My prayers are also with you ! May you remember Lucases laugh and his hug, and remember these things each day, until you see him again.


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