Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Adoption Anniversary

It was a year ago today, that we brought J. home with us. He was a young teen who came to us needing a permanent adoptive home. In this busy and full year we have found a new family member, watched a young man grow, gain comfort in our home, and discover his interests. As I have said before, the ideal would have been to have J. grow up with Daniel, however that was not to be.
Sometimes in J. I hear echoes of Daniel. I hear interests they share, opinions on which they would have agreed, and occasionally, they even share wishes for the future. It still saddens me sometimes not to have both of them here. J. has said that our love for Daniel helped to prepare us for our understanding of him, and I think that is true.
We love sharing this part of our lives with J. but we also miss Daniel immensely.
The song below is a tribute by recording artist Mark Shultz, to his biological mother, on her choice to place him for adoption. It seemed a fitting song for our own blog entry today.

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