Sunday, January 16, 2011


Daniel and my dear Dad,
When you each had to leave Earth, it was as if the continents broke free of their granite foundations, and sank away, leaving me with a tarpaulin fashioned as a rubber raft, cold and confused as to where I should be going, or even if I should simply sit and sink myself.
Thankyou both for standing near, just beyond the bridge from Earth to Heaven, and whispering words for the winds to carry for me. Know that I somehow hear your words, your echoes, and I know that I will never really be without you, just as I am never without our God.
Somehow, I stood with shaky knees to be repurposed, and I have done much in the name of Jesus Christ and each of you in the time since my heart was broken and then shattered. The days do not get easier, but I have learned to walk straighter with knees that are less shaky, but still ache.
With love across the Earth and Heaven's divide...

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