Saturday, January 8, 2011


One of the ways that we have survived these past two years without Daniel here on Earth, is that when I descend into sadness, my husband helps to pull me out. When my husband begins to fall, it is then my turn to try to elevate his mood and focus on how much joy and good fortune we have had, despite all the challenges in our marriage with our children. This morning was one of those rare times, when both my husband and I were sad....missing that beautiful young man Daniel, and wondering how the timeline could have gone so wrong.
The song below is very meaningful for me. This song was a hit while Adam was 14 and critically ill with ulcerative colitis which was refractory to treatment. This song pretty much reflected my unceasing prayers at that time. How ironic that although I gave prayers in thanks for my other children, that ultimately, without sickness, suffering or preparation, our Lord God called Daniel, also my beloved son, also a greatest joy in my life.

I used to sing this to him when Daniel was a baby.

There is some vulgarity in this video, but Daniel would have found this amusing in its entirety.

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