Monday, January 3, 2011

In Dreams

Last night, in a dream, around four am, I dreamt that I was holding Daniel as a baby. We were waiting in the lobby of a futuristic hospital at night. Everything was sleek and had LEDs and small sleek electronics on it. There were things that looked like kindles in the lobby, and no magazines. There were alpacas in the waiting area, which weren't ours, waiting to visit other children there. Apparently, in futuristic hospitals, germs aren't the issue they are today. Animals and visitors pass through an ultra-violet arch which kills all pathogenic bacteria and viruses for the length of time of the allowed visit. This means children can receive visits from their own pets while in the hospital. I was telling someone that I was a nurse but none of my training had anything other than historical relevance there. As I held Daniel,in the dream, I knew that he would pass at 12 and a half. I don't know what the dreams true significance is other than giving me some cuddle time with him. My mother, who has also passed, was also with me somewhere, also visiting the hospital, but I wasn't sure where as I didn't know the person she was visiting, and I didn't want to take Daniel to other areas there. In the dream I knew that nothing could prevent Daniel from being called at 12 1/2 including their expertise in the hospital of the future, however, I was going to try.

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