Monday, February 21, 2011

Considering Rational Preparedness

Yes, it is true that our family, who was broadly prepared as we live in a profoundly rural area, lost a beloved child in spite of all of our efforts with regard to medical and general preparedness. The fact is, Daniel passed without symptoms, without indications that anything was wrong. He has a glorious day, the day before his passing. Even on autopsy, the cause for his passing is simply an educated guess. The US best university centers for pathology could find no clearly defined reason for his passing, on autopsy, and therefore the death certificate states, "Probable cardiac arrhythmia due to unknown etiology". In laymen's terms,this means, "He died suddenly without cause, with no blood abnormalities, and no clear cause, so we think his heart stopped following a rhythm disturbance. It happens sometimes". Of course, as his mother, this doesn't help me much. Daniel received excellent and immediate CPR. The only piece of equipment that might have helped Daniel may have been an AED or automatic external defibrillator used immediately. These devices are making their way to government buildings in the US, and can even be provided to a few homes, but one must know there is a problem in order to invest the funds or get a prescription for the device in the places one is required, if needed. I am afraid that as prepared as we are here, we were hit with the one scenario that we, and even the emergency medical helicopter, could not adequately alter or lead to an outcome change no matter how much we wanted it.
This leads me to my next point. Although the "no win" situation is always possible, most medical issues in the home could be stabilized or addressed until medical care is eventually obtained. Families need to prepare a rational medical kit including medications they routinely use, bandages, supplies etc. Be sure that any medical special needs are also addressed. AEDs are actually designed to be quite automated and although they require someone to read and follow directions, they do not, in fact, require medical training. The device itself reads cardiac rhythm and delivers an appropriate shock.
There are changes in the world just now,in which food shortages, civil unrest, and the results of natural disaster may make obtaining proper food , water and routine supplies difficult for a time. Now is the time to gather supplies, organize them, and formulate plans for whatever the most likely natural and man made disasters are most likely to occur in the region of the Earth in which you live. Children need to have a plan as to what they are to do, in the event a disaster occurs while they are away from you. This need not be scary for them. This is part of reasonable preparedness that all human beings should make when considering where we live. Daniel used to enjoy checking the medical kits with me, and supplying and storing extra food for the animals. I miss his helping me and offering suggestions. In Heaven, this is one task from which we will be relieved, but until each of us are called by God, we have an obligation to prepare our families, our children, and ourselves as best we can for both natural and man-made disasters. The preparation for simple possibilities is simply "Rational Preparedness".

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