Monday, February 7, 2011


You can think whatever you would like. You could choose to think that I am a bereaved mother, who created the idea that she can "hear" from her father and her young son who passed within 31 days of each other, in 2008. You may also believe that our loving God, left a window open sufficiently to allow me to, on occasion, and particularly in dream, receive occasional communication from them. There is actually a name for this phenomenon. It's called clairaudience. A living person, is on occasion, able to "hear" telepathically something from one who has passed,sometimes a relative, sometimes not. I know that many years ago, when I was seeking the funeral home someone I knew had used, the name clearly came to me, in my head, and I called them first, finding that they were indeed the foreign funeral home that was used. I had attributed this to angels at that time. Since Daniel's passing this has happened a number of times, although most of my communications from them has come in deep REM sleep, around 4 am and I cannot choose or control when this happens.

I remember some things that Daniel told me some time ago. He told me that our brains, senses and bodies are the looking glass through which we see the world while we are here. Each one of us are handicapped in some way, either through our brains and their adaptations, or through impairment of senses, age, or even attitudes. When we are set free, disengaged from our bodies, all the inputs, all the information, and truths come to us correctly and in balance. We are still the people we were before, but without the bodily constraints and "error messages" that we normally must process. Daniel, being a very bright person, particularly in the field of computers, often uses computer analogies in order to explain things. He is also frustrated sometimes in that he tells me something in dream, and I may not remember it in my waking times. Sometimes, it takes several times before I correctly recall what I was told. All of this was told to me in order that I might not grieve so severely. Apparently, once set free from the body "life" is peaceful, and highly interesting. I can miss him and this is natural, but I am being asked not to grieve to a point where my parenting is impaired or my life does not continue in the path itis intended. He has said that he has continued to learn and grow, and that even if he could, he would not, come back. He and Dad will wait on what I understand to be, the "edge of Heaven" until all of our family get there, and then we will ascend to even a higher place there.

For those of you who have read the blog all along, there are a number of times where Daniel and Dad individually have provided what came to be known as factual information through clairaudience.
Consider for just a moment, the possibility that we can be positively directed by those who love us, in this way.

Vocals by Christine Dente

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