Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So much has happened this week. Some time ago I mentioned in a blog post that we had contacted Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman, in part to tell them how touched and impacted we were following the tragic death of their youngest daughter Maria, and their interviews afterward. Of course, we mentioned our own terrible loss of Daniel, and how we have been faring since then. Yesterday, we received a letter from them, and an autographed copy of the song below. Maria is the young child in Steven's lap in the family picture above.
Mary Beth is writing a book about their experiences as a family and Steven is currently working on a new album. They are kind and decent people who are continuing to raise mindful and fine children while remembering and memorializing Maria in all sorts of ways. Please check into his music and Mary Beth's coming book.

Daniel passed six months after Maria, and I remember all of us, including Daniel, were very sad when we heard about the tragic accident and the circumstances of Maria's passing. It is also a reminder to everyone that life can be short, and that things can happen very quickly. We never dreamed when Maria passed that Daniel would pass six short months later, although I could only imagine how lost and deeply saddened they were over the loss of little Maria. Daniel would not mind at all if we memorialized Maria in the video which immediately follows.

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