Monday, February 28, 2011

The World on a Ledge

One of the things we are very lucky to get over the airwaves here in our rural area, is digital television versions of foreign news. Al Jazeera-English, IBA News (Israeli) , France 24,DW German news, Korean News, Euro News, RT (Russia Today) South Asia Newsline, occasionally Australian and others, and BBC run a couple of times a day. This is not available to everyone here, and we are indeed very lucky to have it. I watch these often because they generally go into more depth than US world news, and because US news is often quite deficient in world news unless it appears to directly impact the US today, this minute. This is partly responsible for the American phenomenon of not knowing too much about the rest of the world, it's politics and geography, until they visit, and then, they learn. Often I am able to get perspectives and information unavailable on US news. Sometimes I learn things about my own country or my own state, that I did not know. Daniel would occasionally watch these with me.
This has been the first week since his passing two years ago, where I think it might be better for him not to be on Earth at the moment. Despite changes in Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, and and trouble in Libya, with demonstrations in Yemen, and now Oman and Cuba. The US economy is deeply in debt. Although the present regime would like to believe that the economy is improving, the experiences of our friends who need jobs, or are losing businesses or losing homes would seem to fly in the face of this. Most people I know do not trust the Obama Regime, and we never did. I don't know anyone who voted for him, and frankly, we are surprized he got in. The regime is fond of accusing anyone who opposes them as being racist. Frankly, I would have been quite pleased to have a biracial president. I would have considered such a person a cohesive factor for many groups. I simply made the mistake of reading the man's books and discovering that he has socialist ideas and leanings, and I simply do not. I believe in rational capitalism. The market takes care of itself and when necessary, those who are doing well help those who need to be lifted up. In the days in which I could, I sent someone other than my own child to college, and sent money to help put a college on an Indian reservation. These are things I can no longer afford to do.
Sometimes I think that by calling my youngest child without clear reason or cause, God was sparing him a terrible challenging time which was to come, while my older children would somehow have to make their way through the challenges which will emerge. I don't know what is to come next, but I do know that the US federal reserve printing additional unbacked money will fuel inflation and will not repair a broken system no matter what the present regime tries to tell us.

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