Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Somber Anniversary

So this morning, my beautiful youngest son, we come full circle. This was the day, in which, one year ago, you joyously came into our bedroom one morning, spoke to us with happiness and excitement, ate a few mouthfuls of cornflakes, and then passed away on entering the main bathroom.
We try very hard to understand that this began a life for you in Heaven, and sometimes we actually accept all of this, and other times, we only see the gaping hole your departure from our lives has meant.
If you are who rang the doorbell here at the farm in the middle of nowhere very early this morning, then I thank you. We are handling your loss as well as we can, and we hope that our trying to cope pleases God, and you as well. We love you very much, wider than the oceans and deeper than the seas.

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