Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Disjointed Message

My dear son.
Since you have passed I no longer live
Squarely in middle Earth ignoring the whispers
Of those who are dead.
I have moved to the edge of Earth as it borders
Heaven, where I am quiet, listening for whispers
Or laughs from you, or clues from your Grandpa as
To what to do with my retirement account.
Part of me wants to breach your door and follow,
Yet knowing how special you are, I know that you
Dwell in a special part, even for Heaven. I know
I cannot hope to join you without finishing my
work with your siblings, your Dad and your
Animals, here on Earth.
I hate that God had different tasks for us but
I love that we intersected here.
I hear you and Dad at 4 or 5 am when I am
sleeping. What a relief for you to tell me things
Without having to hear back from me too.
I love you both with an energy that transcends
Time, space, and the gate that God has placed
Between us. I know you are minding God, because
You always did. We love you.

copyright 2009

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