Saturday, November 21, 2009

We Will Have Thanksgiving

In seven short days we will find ourselves sitting on the shocking day, one year ago, when you joyously came into our bedroom one morning, the day after Thanksgiving, asking about Christmas shopping, and excited about the Christmas season. Then, you ate a few cornflakes, walked into the bathroom, and passed to spirit. In some ways it feels like five years ago, as so many things have happened since then, and the world around us has changed so much. Obama had been elected, but was not president when you passed. Other times, it feels as if it was a month ago, with the hurt and smart so fresh and the loss so large.
It has been a help to know that my Dad, your Papa L., is with you and that the two of you have each other when you need one another. I also know that you are individuals and each of you have your own paths and your own work now that you are there.
Of course, I don't feel much like Thanksgiving and the hurt is still fresh, but not to celebrate the holidays we enjoyed when we were so fortunate to have both of you with us, does not honor you or God as we should. Somehow, we will have the Thanksgiving we would have had, had you and Papa L. been here with us. We will have the giant turkey, Grandma K's stuffing, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, with cheddar sauce, and cranberry sauce, and likely rolls and salad. I promise to look the other way if you put cheese on your broccoli, mashed potatoes AND your turkey. You and Papa L. may need to pull up a chair but there will be enough food and you will be so very welcome. When you have your holiday there, say hello to everyone else and all our animals for us. I will have the pumpkin pie, and apple also. This year, in honor of my Mom, I think we will have mince as well.
I am working toward a good Thanksgiving for your sibs and Dad and I, as well as you. We will be at home this year. As you well know, I love you deeper than the oceans and wider than the seas.

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