Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Daniel

Had you remained on Earth, tomorrow would be your fourteenth birthday. I know that where you are now, that you are ageless and that you selected a form which is in your twenties or thereabouts. Still, I live with the memory of my beautiful son who would be fourteen tomorrow and this visceral memory of mine, is quite strong. I love you very much, we all do. Imagine my giving you a long tight birthday hug, you fine man ! We will be buying a cake and we will do some other things which recall your memory, which I will talk about here after the weekend, but I wanted you to know, that we have a little bit of a quandary. Which one of these cakes should we pick for you ? Should we commemorate your playful inner child, or your obvious intelligence and maturity ? Happy Birthday. I know you are a creature of light now, and darling, even on Earth you always were.

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