Saturday, May 29, 2010


Going through the work of my day, I often think about how I don't like this timeline. Sometimes, life seems an awful lot like a bad episode of "Sliders" where something has happened which takes two members of the group to another world, and they are unable to rejoin the others, who are stuck in another tedious and upside-down world where very little makes sense. Of course, this is not what happened to us, but I still struggle with explaining to myself exactly what did. Papa L. passed after a well lived and well played life, and then 31 days later, just before we went Christmas shopping, you passed, without real explanation, as if you literally were called by God. I tell this to myself thirty or forty times daily, half to program it, and half to hope for some extra tidbit of information which will come this time, somehow making it more palatable or more understandable, but it never does. I know you are both safe with God, and I know that you know what I write. I don't know how much you know about our country though. Economically, things are very bad. No one in Stephanie's graduating class from the university a year ago, has been able to find a job that they did not already have before they had their degree. Adam and his class graduated from the university this month, and also have few prospects. Of course, everyone has student loans which are temporarily in deferrment, and this deferrment is renegotiated every several months when they are convinced you are still searching for a job in earnest. This of course is delaying Adam's upcoming marriage.
In addition, our country, our President and our Congress forced through a plan which places our country in deep debt. The US nears the amount of debt to annual gross domestic product that Argentina did before it fell. Other than limited our personal debt severely, I don't know what we can do. We are doing our best, and there are some days where we really do know you are both better off. A new national health program has been enacted, and frankly, it won't work. Congress and the President didn't even read it before enacting it.
I don't mean to complain, I only want to tell you what is going on from our perspective. I think a lot about Einstein's theory of parallel universes, and I like to think that if God was bored enough to play the same game on several boards, so to speak, that there is at least one board where Daniel's time on Earth continues, even if Dad's had to eventually end. We are trying to use the remaining time left well.
Love to you both and to the other "ancestors" always.

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