Monday, May 17, 2010

Messages in Dream

I spend a fair amount of time wondering about you and Papa L. and what your existence is like now. I try to focus on those who are here, because this is where I can exert the most good now, and because I am ever cognizant that anyone can be lost from Earth with no notice whatsoever.
Sometimes in dream, I hear you both. I forget a great deal of what you tell me, because I think it comes in a stream faster than I can process while asleep, but I do get some of it.
My understanding of what you have said is that Heaven is an overlay to Earth. Depending upon our stage of progression following passing, we ascend to whatever level we are supposed to. We can return to Earth to visit and we can go to our level of Heaven, and levels lower than our own, but we cannot ascend higher for many reasons. (Because apparently, there is still work and spiritual growth going on following our passings.) Some of us wait until all of our family has left the Earth before ascending to where we could, in fact go. I understand that the entire process is done because we are to learn for God, and because we seek to please Him.
If I have this straight, please let me know. If not, please refine it for me and tell me again. I do hear you in dream, and I am grateful for the communications.
Love you both.

Thankyou also to Benjamin West who has helped me to understand that there is much more going on at God's hands than any of us can envision or realize.

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