Sunday, May 30, 2010

Messages in Closets

This is a photograph of the actual inside of the box where Daniel had written.

Yesterday, there was an incredible crash in Stephanie's closet. When we opened the double doors, we found that the shelf and the pole had collapsed. We might have wanted to comment on the closet being a tad overloaded.We really couldn't blame her though, when we noticed that the builder we had paid so much money to, finished the closet without the adequate complement of studs, behind the wall. Apparently, for the last several years, the shelf and pole had been secured only to the sheetrock itself. The sheetrock finally had given out and had broken right out revealing a studless back closet wall.
Today, my husband will spend his Sunday afternoon taking the closet apart, re-placing the studs that should be there, sheetrocking, and then reinstalling a stainless pole and a reinforced shelf.
The funny thing is that when Stephanie was pulling apart her closet, and securing everything, one of the lids to the shoeboxes came off. Inside the box, written in magic marker was


I ( drawn heart, heart, heart)


Love, Dan

Of course, when she held it up to show me, we both cried. If you want, you can believe that Daniel coincidentally did this more than a year and a half ago, or whether he did something which allowed us, and specifically her to see it now, when she actually could use his encouragement on her 26th birthday. Sometimes, we have evidence simply of what a loving dear son Daniel was, and sometimes, it seems more like Daniel leaving messages when they are most needed.

Thank you Daniel, for your loving note.

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